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王一尘 (Yichen Wang)
Nickname: 三土 (Santu)


From: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Current: Boston, Masachusetts, US


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B.S. in Life Science
ShanghaiTech University
M.S. in Bioinformatics
Boston University

Current Job

Bioinformatics Analyst I
@ Computational Biomedicine Section
Boston University Medical School

  • Research pipeline tool writing in Python, R, and shell
  • Basic UI designing in Python and R
  • Single-cell RNA sequencing data processing and analysis
  • Genomic variant analysis
  • Genome assembly

Recnet Recommandation

大理寺日志 (Dali Temple Log) / White Cat Legend

We follow the daily life of 陈拾 (Shi Chen), a young man looking for his brother. To find him, he goes to the Dali Temple. One thing led to another, he eventually became an officer for 李饼 (Bing Li), a senior official with the appearance of a white cat.

- Written by MAL Rewrite on MyAnimeList

This is one of the most recent and delicated Animes made in China. The story line follows what was described above. Meanwhile, what I appreciate the most about this series is that it introduces the culture of 唐朝 (Tang Dynasty) through out all kinds of detail, including the architecture and urban planning, the government and policies, people's food and clothing, and even more I'm not familiar with, with historical evidences researched and restored.

- Me


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Interested in opportunities in industry also


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